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Annie’s Project Workshop Locations Announced

By:  Gigi Neal,  Extension Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources, OSU Extension, Clermont County

Feed the livestock, go to work, run kids to their 4-H meeting and sports practice, go to your civic/church meeting, cook, clean, do the farm chores and make a thousand decisions.  Whew, what a day and that was just a portion!  Just imagine if you had the tools to assist you in making farming decisions with your partner to help build a more successful enterprise and balance life.   Annie’s Project is the answer for all women wanting to strengthen their role in the agricultural business.   Annie’s Project emphasizes empowering farm women to become better stewards of the land and business partners in the agricultural world through decision making and building networks throughout the state.   

Annie’s National Network Initiative for Educational Success (Annie’s) is a six (6) week course founded on Risk Management Education for Farm and Ranch Women through production, financial, market, human resources and legal risks.  These session’s foster problem solving, record keeping and decision-making skills in farm women.  Many of the women develop a lasting camaraderie with the other women in the class through conversation and discussion, which further enhances learning.

OSU Extension will be offering the original Annie’s Project workshops focused on the five areas of risk facing today’s farm businesses.  These workshops are tentatively scheduled in the following locations:

There also are workshops that provide in-depth instruction focused on a single area of risk scheduled in Ohio. These are called Annie’s Project Level II workshops. There is a Farm Finance Annie’s Workshop being held in:

Farm Transition, Estate, Retirement and Investment Annie’s Workshops are scheduled for:

Join Ohio Annie’s Project in celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Annie’s Project by participating in a session close to you.  Contact Chris Bruynis (740-702-3200), Gigi Neal (513-732-7070) or Christine Kendle (330-339-2337) for more information.

Visit ANNIES Project National Website at http://www.extension.iastate.edu/feci/annie/index.html

 Read the story about Annie, the person who inspired these workshops at http://www.extension.iastate.edu/feci/annie/AnnieStory.pdf

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